Sunday, September 2, 2012

         In this message from Vincent to Allison, he is telling her just how much he cares for her. Allison appears to either be married or have a boyfriend, but she is seeing Vincent on the side. Vincent is trying to make her understand that he will always be there and that she needs to be happy and stay positive. I believe Vincent is asking Allison to see that he is not like most guys, and he will keep their affair a secret. He thinks that she is two faced, but he will love her forever. This is not a technical document, it's more like literature writing to me. I understand why Vincent decided to write this way, but I feel that this message dumbs down our communication and language. If I was receiving a love letter I feel that writing it out fully shows that the person really cares. For his purpose it was a good source to keep what he wanted to say a secret, but important documents should not be written in this way. I really hope that our language will not become like this one day. 

The code that you wanted us to crack for extra credit was a binary code. Below is what the message said:

cu 2nite, Allison. I know your man's out of town tonight. When we get back, I've got wine at the house. It''ll be a beautiful night, and we'll drink some more outside beneath the silver moon and... You can fill in the rest. Congrats if you translated Vincent's hidden message. You've done some critical thinking! I'm impressed. Isn't the Internet an amazing tool? Extra credit given! Prof. P

Below is a message for you Professor Pilarski:


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  1. Melissa,
    Great job! You did it! It might be a technical document. Allison is a primary reader, and Vincent is asking her to take action--set up a meeting and cheat on her husband. This is a breakdown in several ways other than communication. Good work!